Make your horrific artistic undertakings communicable by tending the garden that earths your roots and feed the infectious beauty of your sinister harvest to the masses. Community involvement is a rewarding way to come to understand your immediate public and cultivate your business. Integrate yourself into your local school systems, music and arts scene, charities and public works sectors.

BReaking SCared

We created a mobile haunt by gutting an old 30 foot camper trailer, infesting it with clowns and touring the countryside luring victims to drag back to the barn. The slim hallways and tight corners include a ten foot external squeeze tunnel (claustrophobia room) exit. Its original purpose was to use at our areas annual Relay For Life Event in order to raise money for The American Cancer Society. Our mini haunt on wheels still makes it’s yearly appearance there to help others SCREAM for the cure, but has also been invited to school fall festivals to raise money for their PTO’s, and other charity events such as The Jackson Zombie Walk.

True “Bring out Your Dead” moments, you should see the looks we get while hauling this thing through the streets. It has been a fun way to help others around us all while advertising the main haunt and has opened up the opportunity to use as a networking tool. Through this, not only can we contribute but we have also been able to earn additional income by showcasing BReaking SCared at conventions, comic cons, and other booked events. For info on how to book The Corpse Barn’s Mobile Haunt for your event or charity


Darksyde Acres

Just southwest of us, another haunt also embraces community involvement. They adopted a stretch of Michigan highway and twice a year blanket that area picking up garbage, helping to keep our environment clean. The rewards of their efforts include year long advertisement along the roadway they keep clear. How brilliant.

Ladd’s Evil Acres Last Ride

In the summer of 2014, friend and fellow haunt owner Adam Ladd died in a tragic accident preparing his haunt for that upcoming season. He left behind a wife and two children. That fall, the acting staffs of Ladd’s Evil Acres, Darksyde Acres, The BoneYard, and The Corpse Barn Shock Haunt, all gathered for a one night scare event at Ladd’s Evil Acres. All of these different haunts worked together to frighten and entertain wagon full after wagon full of customers in a successful attempt to honor the memory of our friend and raise money for his family. Darksyde Acres arranged for some highway billboards and The Fear Finder donated a free color graphic add for the event.

Regardless if you are offering your nightly concession sales to charity or hosting a can food for discounted admission night. Wither or not you are sharing posts about job opportunities on facebook, sponsoring local music concerts or helping your daughter's girls scout troop put on their own haunted house. Indifferent to if you are keeping the environment clean or lending aid to the school system or supporting the families of your peers, it is imperative that you use your public position to help sustain the area that supports you season after season.

Dig six feet deep and root your dark creation by enriching your community relationships. Giving back to where your undead souls terrify is not just a way to advertise but a means to show people the beauty of your madness.

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