Everyone has certain milestones they like to acknowledge and celebrate. This one carves a smile on my face. I had been apprehensive at the thought of committing to this project but have found it enjoyable and therapeutic. In the 13 weeks I have been slicing through my brain and banging this keyboard like a blunt instrument against a fresh skull, I am appreciative to have received encouraging feedback and am honored that so many of you find the material contained within Corpsetagious to be entertaining and informative. With that trepidation vs. success in mind, let’s delve into Issue #13 and explore another extension of Scarevertisment.

Like a firm handshake, cross promotion and networking fuse together like limestone and hidden bodies. The definition of networking is: the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. Becoming the nexus of related artists can be a rewarding experience. Not only can you put yourself in the position to connect other entities, but you can bleed your world into theirs as well. All you have to do is open the door.

Networking is as simple as just introducing yourself to the public. Professionally represent your self

(a business card is a good idea) and attend conventions, visit other haunts or join and maintain an active presence in online groups or forums. How or wherever you make your presence known, cultivate your acquired relationships by offering support and access to your other connections and resources.

In June 2013 we were sponsoring a local concert event and slotted to be on stage before the headlining act to promote The Corpse Barn. Around the same time, published photographer and make up artist, Kari Evich of Goregeous Fx reached out to me asking if we were in need of an effects artist. We met and she executed some hideous transformations to us that heightened our presence on stage. Our association continued on into a multitude of exciting projects that included music videos, a Walking Dead commercial for Fox 47 and several horror photo shoots. Kari and I eventually went on to co-host a group photo shoot at the barn Not only did we make money from this event but were able to enjoy the creative synergy of models, photographers, videographers, other haunt owners and make up artists. We are still benefiting from the networking ripples of that event.

In 2014, Ari Lehman, who was the first person to play Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th film franchise, requested to be my friend on facebook. Come to find out, he was living in Chicago and fronted a punk metal parody band aptly named First Jason. I accepted the request and discovered he was looking for a location to shoot his next music video. I simply sent a message and offered The Corpse Barn as a shooting location. In two months time, we converged with more than fifty artists from across the nation as they descended upon the haunt. Issuing a press release, this event gained us free advertising through newspaper coverage.

The options are endless They exist inside and out of the haunt entertainment realm. They can integrate you into your local community, your favorite charity or into national entertainment involvement so grab a hold of your guts and reach from the inside out. Don’t be afraid of the possibilities that lie in wait behind the many doors down the light absent hallways.

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