Scarevertisment 4: Screams In Cyberspace

Leatherface could subdue your screams with a blow to the head from a mallet but it was his roaring tool of choice, the chainsaw that made him legendary. Rev up the sharp computer coded teeth of the internet to contrive and cut out your own legendary status through increased attendance. A strong internet presence and advertising campaign provides a professional appearance and mass outreach for your haunt. Plug yourself in as we hack into the mainframe of this week’s topic.


After submersing myself down the rabbit hole of this alternate digital universe, I quickly understood why some companies hire Social Media Administrators. It can be easy to overload the circuitry in your brain with the horde of SoNet sites to choose from. I recommend not being overrun by a heard of data walkers and selecting a few of the many sites to focus and capitalize on.

What started as a system to connect with friends, Facebook has become arguably the most utilized social networking tool for business around the world. It used to be the amount of business page likes or friends on your personal page dictated the scope of reach for your posts. Of course, and still true, the more people who like and share your status, the more people will see it so content quality is important. Now however, you can pay Facebook to boost your post. The amount of people you reach depends on how much you are willing to spend but you can pinpoint areas and demographics. We experimented with this last season and plan on doubling our budget to this area of advertising this fall. Through post engagements and live attendance, we saw real results from the area we targeted.

The way I have always approached Facebook was to not only post about the haunt, but in unbiased fashion share community events and news, friends businesses, and other haunted house and horror genre related information. If your efforts to be an active member in your physical and online community are genuine, it will show and your haunt will benefit from it.

Regardless of the social site you use, it is important to not over engage. I have been guilty of this before and found that saturating your audience will cause a loss of interest. I learned that you have to balance your outreach through sharing your information as well as others and taking the time to connect with your fans by interacting and relating to what they have going on. By doing so, you will come upon networking possibilities and new friends along the way.


With social media it almost seems unnecessary to have a .com anymore, but there are advantages to having a central location of information that people can access. It has never been easier to build and maintain your own website. Now through tools such as Wix and Weebly, you can carve out your own corner of cyberspace for free. You will however have to pay for hosting if you want your web address to be as opposed to but either way, it is easier to direct people to one place to access all of your information. Some haunt search engines require a .com to be listed.


Much like social media it can be easy to become lost in the wilderness of haunt search engine options. There are a slew of choices including Hauntworld, Haunted House Association, Find A Haunt, and to name a few. If you use too many you will be investing a lot of time in updating your information each year. I watched a haunt owner friend of mine get yelled at on the phone one day because he forgot all of the sites he was listed on. An out of area customer visited his haunt based on out of date information only to find it closed. Also, make sure to write down all of those passwords because it is a nightmare if you don’t and forget them!

In conclusion, if you are loud enough…….in cyberspace…….they will hear you scream!

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